Adsense Turbo Review – Scam or Legit?

Adsense Turbo Review

 Create Adsense Sites in Minutes?

Adsense Turbo ReviewAdsense Turbo Review

Product: Adsense Turbo


Launch Date: May 17, 2018

Vendor: Marcus Tisdale

Price: $39 plus upsells

Is Adsense Turbo a legit product or is Adsense Turbo a Scam just out for a money grab? If you are looking for an honest Adsense Turbo Review before you buy it, read on to find out just what it is all about.

Adsense Turbo is a new launch and the creators promise it will create profitable Adsense sites in minutes. How in the world can that be?

Adsense Turbo software is promoted with a short 3-minute video. It shows someone creating an Adsense site in minutes. The site that you create with Adsense Turbo is fully SEO optimized and ready to pull in traffic. How can this be?

How Does Adsense Turbo Work?

What Adsense Turbo Software does is uses your information (that you have already prepared beforehand) and creates a 3 to 6-page micro-niche site that is fully optimized and mobile-ready.

It takes your unique fresh written content and creates pages in a niche that you specify. You will use the keywords, meta titles, and content that you have prepared in advance.

Who is Adsense Turbo For?

Adsense Turbo is for those who want to build Adsense micro-niche sites really fast. The software is best for those with some experience. You have to have the information that the software is calling for, It is fill in the blanks. That means you have to:

  • Have a Domain Name
  • Have a hosting provider
  • Have a niche picked out
  • Have researched keywords
  • Have researched competition
  • Have all your post content ready to go
  • Know how to upload to your hosting provider
  • Know SEO and how to track results
  • Have an Adsense account
  • Know on page SEO
  • Know how to get traffic to your site
  • Know how to write quality helpful content.

Will Adsense Turbo Work?

It will probably work to create a 3 – 6-page micro-niche site but will it pull in enough organic traffic to make some Adsense money? Adsense Turbo claims to make these sites and if you have enough of them, you will make a lot of money with Adsense.

Actually, Google updates their algorithm quite often and these type of sites no longer work to pull in traffic like they used to. Google is getting smarter. It’s all about quality content and a lot of it with fresh content being added on a continuing basis.

If you want to learn the latest up to date way to create a website, pull in traffic and learn all the skills you need to build a real longterm passive income online check out my No. 1 recommended product. You can get started today and build your website in minutes. Click the button below to take a tour.

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Why Micro Niche Sites Are Dead

The content on these small sites is pretty thin. Just remember, the Adsense Turbo software makes you a 3 – 6-page site and that includes all content plus policy pages. This is very lacking in Google’s eyes.

Google regularly updates the way they treat rankings, links, and content. The internet is a fast-changing world and Google is constantly updating to make sure search results are relevant, high quality, with excellent user experience.

It used to be that people would through up a portfolio of these small micro-niche sites, throw Adsense adverts or a Clickbank product on them, and they would pull in a good amount of passive income.

All you needed is to have a hundred or a few hundred of these sites that had Adsense on them and you were making a pretty sizable income.

The sites were just left alone to do all the work for you. All you did was maybe buy some backlinks, get an exact match domain that had search volume itself and you were all set.

Websites That Make Money Today

Yes, it used to be that if you have 100 or more of these micro niche Adsense sites, you could make a passive income. You didn’t have to do any adding of content or updating content.

However, not today. Today Google is looking for quality helpful up to date content that actually helps the reader. No longer can you rank a thin website. You also cannot buy backlinks anymore either. You could get penalized if you do. Google has gotten smarter and smarter!

So what type of website should you create? Google wants to see that your site is very in depth with a lot of quality content. A site that is an authority in a niche ranks very well in today’s Google Search results.

You will get the traffic if you have done good keyword research and SEO along with a great article that people want to read and can get something out of. Plus you need:

  • Regular Content
  • Quality Original Content
  • 1000 words or more for each post
  • Quality Backlinks
  • The more articles the better
  • Helpful content

Final Thoughts on Adsense Turbo

I really cannot recommend Adsense Turbo. You will be spinning your wheels. This software cranks out micro websites sure, but they won’t make you much money. That is so outdated.

Adsense Turbo Not Recommended

I think you will be disappointed if you go ahead and purchase Adsense Turbo. This Adsense Turbo Review shows that It is not a full-on scam, as it probably does work but it is not legit either as it is totally outdated! There are also upsells too. There is a webinar that they want $97 for and some extra templates for another $47.

If you want to create long-term passive income and build a business check out my No. 1 Recommended Platform where you get completely up to date training on creating or replacing your income.

You can create a totally free account and build free websites along with free training to try it out.  Create your free website. Click the button below to get started.

Create your own website today - Adsense Turbo review


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Is The Google Sniper A Scam – Gsniper 3.0 Review 2018

Name: gsniper.comIs The Google Sniper A Scam

Price: $47 (to start)

Owner: George Brown

Overall rank 20/100

What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is an affiliate marketing training product. It supposedly teaches you how to create a lot of small websites that are targeted towards a product. Is the Google Sniper A Scam? You are taught to create many of these small sites to make money without much updating or creating very much content. The idea is that you set it up in a couple of hours and it brings organic traffic from Google HA!.

Google Sniper is a ClickBank product that was originally launched in 2009 and it has thousands of downloads. George Brown has made a lot of money selling this product.

I actually purchased Google Sniper in 2011. I purchased Google Sniper 2.0. Now that Google Sniper 3.0 is out, there are supposed to be updated for it to work for 2018. However, since Google updated the algorithms it is very hard to rank small websites. In fact, Google sniper 3.0 actually was released in 2015 and the full Panda Algorithm change was released in January of 2016 then the Penguin update was released in September of 2016.Is The Google Sniper A Scam

It is for this reason that Google Sniper 3.0 will probably not work very well. George Brown is a very savvy marketer. If you listen to his video when you land on his site you will see his tactics. He talks and says nothing but lies.

He actually uses scam tactics to sell Google Sniper. All you have to do is listen and you will see. Take note of the red flags you will see in the video. It really turns me off. I once got invited to a webinar for the Predator software (which turned out to be a big scam too) he was selling and he had me believing it was a live webinar. However, I discovered it was a replay when I tried to ask a question. I couldn’t believe he was marketing a recording as a “live webinar”.

Google Sniper is in sections the main section is how to build sites then how to find others to build them for you. You will be building small websites with only a few pages and a few posts. These type sites just do not work anymore.

Then you have the sniper X section here is where George does more coaching webinars. Every two weeks there is a new video.

Pros And Cons Of Google Sniper 3.0


  • Teaches you how to build a website
  • Teaches you about WordPress
  • 60-day money back refund


  • Material is outdated
  • There are upsells and a monthly fee
  • Scam tactics use
  • No Support
  • No Tools

Who is Google Sniper 3.0 for

Google Sniper 3.0 is aimed at beginners who know absolutely nothing and are starting out trying to learn methods to sell digital products on the internet. Unfortunately, these new people do not know that this program is very outdated and many may still fall for it.Is The Google Sniper A Scam - Site structure

However, I was glad to see fewer and fewer people are promoting it. The gravity on Clickbank is a number and that number reflects how many associates are promoting a product. That number is declining and that’s a good thing.

Google Sniper tools and training

Google Sniper comes with a video series and PDF’s. There are no real tools, for instance, you have to get your own hosting. You do get 25 training videos and an ebook. You just follow the training provided and if you have a question, you have no one to ask! There is no community to rely on, no facebook page, no chat, nothing. You just have to figure it out on your own.

The training is very basic and will help you set up a website with WordPress. You will be paying for a domain targeted to a specific product. You will also learn how to work in WordPress. Other than those 2 things, the rest of the training is pretty much outdated and if you follow it today, you may even be penalized by Google and your site and rank

Is The Google Sniper A Scam

will suffer.

Here is what you get:


  1. 25 Videos
  2. Ebook


Google Sniper support

Well, there is only email support. That’s sad. You can go to the support site and you will be disappointed. You can submit a support ticket or look at the frequently asked questions. This is where you can ask for a refund also.

If you submit a support ticket, you can expect a reply within 24 hours except for weekends and holidays when it takes longer! That’s service for you.

For support here is what you get: Support site:

  1. Submit a ticket
  2. search frequently asked questions
  3. request a refund

Google Sniper price

The price starts with $47. However, when you download the product, there is a tactic used that will trap you into the monthly payment of $47. This happened to me also. There is small print and if you don’t uncheck the box, you will be charged the monthly fee.  this is a very sneaky tactic. There are other up-sells also. Be careful. There is an “Elite” package that costs you $187.

A good training platform has tools to help you get started and usually a forum and today even a Facebook group and forum with a community of members helping one another. Google Sniper has none of these. George is just riding the wave down down down. He is onto bigger and better things. This is not the way he is making his money today. This alone should tell you he is scamming people.

The price plus upsells:

  • $47 (he calls this a donation fee)
  • $47/month (hidden in small print – Google Sniper X (periodic extra videos)
  • $187 (Elite Package)

My final opinion of Google Sniper

I cannot recommend Google Sniper 3.0. It is seriously outdated and George Brown is just riding it all the way down until he can’t sell it anymore. It is not really updated to work in 2018. If you check Clickbank the gravity is 11. It is becoming more and more obsolete. Don’t fall into his trap.Is the Google Sniper A Scam

Google Sniper is not legitimate if you want to find a way to build a business online. However, if you want to learn how to build a simple website if you’ve never built one before using WordPress and what it entails you can learn that from Google Sniper. You can also learn it on YouTube for free. Is the Google Sniper A Scam? YES!

I would say that what you do learn that is valuable in Google Sniper, you can learn for free.

Top Recommendation - is the google sniper a scam

If you are wanting to build a business and make real income and real money online, you need to know the up to date cutting edge methods that work today. A place that is relevant and has deep community support. Take a tour of a platform that gives you that plus much much more.

In order to change the direction of your current income, you must do something different

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Click Here to change your life - Is The google Sniper a scam

I like to hear from readers, so leave a comment below to let me know I have helped you or if you have any questions.


About Money Making Scams

about money making scams

There are a lot of Money Making scams out there but the very worse in my book are those who are preying on unsuspecting beginners.

If you have fallen for an online scam in your pursuit to make some money online, you are not alone. I have done the same. The About money making scamsthing about Money Making Scams is that they all have certain things in common. Here are some identifying factors about Making Money Scams and scammers and the tactics that they use.

The Tactics Used

The tactics used are easily identified if you know what to look for. They are targeting their audience, trying to appeal to folks who need some extra cash and are gullible and trusting. You know the old saying “it seems too good to be true”…

Yes, we would all like for things to just fall in our lap without much effort. However, the fact is that it takes work to make money online. It takes building a business.

Tactic # 1.

Secret FormulaAbout Money Making Scams question mark

  • They will promise to give you a secret formula. You will believe there is a secret formula, there must be, right?
  • There is always some secret that if you knew, you would be up one!
  • You would be “in the know” and be able to make all the money you could ever want.  That would be wonderful to know a secret that could make you rich if you knew it. However, even though there is no secret formula.
  • There is a secret……it’s You. There is money to be made online, and it takes hard work, knowing what you are doing persistence and dedication. It takes educating yourself how to do it.

Tactic #2.

Lifestyle they live

  • They show you the fancy cars they drive, pictures of exotic places they have traveled to, big yachts, etc. They show youYacht - about making money scams this and tell you that you can have it too, if you only join in, sign up, take the course, etc.
  • They go on and on about the lifestyle they live and if you just listen to them and give them your money, they can teach it to you too. It’s all very enticing.
  • They appeal to your emotions of wanting to have all those things too. Who would not want to travel and stay in exotic places and drive fancy cars? After all, you deserve it too.

Tactic #3.

No Specifics given

  • A scammer will go on and on about how much benefit you will get if you join up never giving any specifics of the actual opportunity. Instead, they show screenshots of their sales showing huge numbers.They never give you the actual info. They go on and on about the end benefits withoutAbout Money Making Scams telling you any real information that will help educate you.

Tactic #4


  • They push and show and show and push. They are ultra aggressive. Once you are convinced and bite, they take your money and run. There is no support and no way to get answers. You feel all alone. To get your money back is an act of Congress and sometimes just can’t be done.

Tactic #5.

They Prey on Beginners

  • If you are new to Online Marketing, you are being targeted by the online “gurus”. If you google “how to get rich quickabout money making scams you will find some of these gurus selling their wares.
  • They know as a beginner you may be thinking that there is a secret to making money online, or some fancy software or a cash generating website is the key.
  • However, the key is you, as an entrepreneur, with creative persistence and determination, willing to put the time in to educate yourself on exactly how the internet works and how making money on the internet really works.

Tactic #6.

No knowledge or skill needed

  • They tell you that by following their methods, you do not need to know anything and it will work for anyone without any effort on their part. This tactic is very common and although it should make bells go off, there are so many, TOO MANY people who fall for this!
  • There is no free lunch, you must put in the time and learn the skills needed to make money on the internet.

These are the most common tactics that are used by “The Gurus” to get your money. They appeal to your emotions to get you about making money scamsto buy and they may make you feel stupid if you don’t purchase NOW because of the price increases tomorrow!

These “Gurus” never use terms like SEO Optimization, Keyword Research, Content rich articles, page rank, link authority etc. The reason they don’t is that gives the beginner or newbie something they can look up.

The REAL way to Make Money Online

So what is the real way to make money online? Building a business is the real way to make money online. If you want to be successful in anything, you learn about it and how to do it.

In order to learn how to make money online, you go where there are others learning the same thing.  You apply yourself and do the homework and get help when you need it from others in the community or school or university who can help you.

You take courses, you apply what you learn. You take action and become more knowledgeable about what you are doing. Youabout money making scams don’t give up. You persist with determination.

That is how you learn to make money online.  It is the same way that you learned anything in life.

I have given you a good idea of what to look out for when you are searching for ways to make money online.

There are many many so-called “gurus” and courses and software that are being marketed especially to beginners that are just “money grabs” (they are just trying to make the sale).

I hope you don’t or stop falling for them. I know, they sound very convincing and I have fallen for them too. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate University. It is truly a great place to learn everything you need to create your online business. Start building your business now.

If you are ready to take the road to creating an income online I invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate University. You can start free.

Honest Online Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate University

As a Starter member, you get complete access to the Website Builder and the ability to create TWO free websites on the domain. These are FULL WordPress sites and are hosted on our state-of-the-art servers.

You will get 10 free lessons along with the support of thousands of members. You have the option to upgrade to premium membership or stay a free member.

Read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

I hope I have given you insight into Money Making Scams.

I like to hear from readers to know if I have helped you so please leave me a comment below or look my profile up on Wealthy Affiliate.

Get started on building your business today! You will have personal access to me plus some special bonuses. Click the Red link below for Instant Access.


About Money Making Scams

About Money Making Scams





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Are all MLM Companies Scams – A close look exposes the truth

Are all MLM Companies scams - A close look exposes the truth

I have joined Multi-Level Marketing Companies in the past. I can honestly say it is not for me. The presentations I was exposed to really sounded great. I wanted to do it. However, I found out in each case I am just not cut out for what it demands. You may have questions on exactly what MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing) actually

Are All MLM Companies Scams? A close Look Exposes The Truth

is and is not. You may be someone like me that asks are all MLM Companies Scams?  A close look exposes the truth.

There is so many money making scams on the internet and Multi-Level Marketing is a business model that is everywhere. It is good to do your due diligence and find out the truth for yourself.

It is true that some MLM Companies may come very close to being scams in my opinion. Some may, in fact, be scams. It is best to do your homework before getting into one.

Are MLM Companies good?

The statistics according to Robert Fitzpatrick, show that most people (99%) who get into multi level marketing do not make any money. They are not “good” in fact, in my opinion, they are bad, really really bad as only the ones at the top make any money.

Robert FitzPatrick is an expert in examining and revealing deception and fraud in bogus home-based businesses. He is an author, teacher and internationally recognized authority in multi-level marketing schemes and pyramid sales fraud. He is a catalyst and leader in the international effort to end theare all mlm companies scams - a close look exposes the truth pervasive fraud in the multi-level marketing business

They may be out to scam you out of your money.  However, are they? At first glance, if 99% of people who join lose money or just do not make any money, then I would think most people should not join one.

Even though at first glance if 99% of people who join an MLM Company do not make any money and the majority of people should not join one, that does not mean it is necessarily a scam.

I find that there are scams out there because a lot of people looking to make extra income online want an easy way to do it without putting in the work required. They want to “get rich quick“.

However, whatever way you go about making money, it is never without work. Some MLM companies do have some things in common with scammers in that they “sell” you on the idea of how easy it is to get rich if you just join them.

They may use the same tactics like how great the product is and it will sell itself, or that you can make a lot of money really quick in fact you can “get rich quick“.

The MLM companies that use these tactics may not be a “scam” company but may, in fact, use scam-like tactics to get you to sign up as their goal is to recruit new members.

In August of 2016, the FTC International Monthly reported that “Herbalife International of America and two affiliated companies have agreed to fully restructure their U.S. business operations and pay $200 million to compensate consumers to settle FTC charges. The FTC alleged that the companies deceived consumers into believing they could earn substantial money selling diet, nutritional supplement, and personal care products. But the truth, as alleged in the FTC complaint, is that the overwhelming majority of distributors who pursue the business opportunity earn little or no money. The FTC also charged thatAre all MLM Companies scams - A close look exposes the truth the multi-level marketing company’s compensation structure was unfair because it rewards distributors for recruiting others to join and purchase products in order to advance in the marketing program, rather than in response to actual retail demand for the product, causing substantial economic injury to many of its distributors.”

I would say please do your research. There are those who are cut out for what it takes to become successful in MLM. The fact is that most who join do not have what it takes to make it to the top 1%.

Are MLM Companies Legal?

If you go to the FTC website, you will find that “not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are MLM-2 Are all MLM Companies scams? - A close look exposes the truth illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

If you read the quote above closely, you may have caught “it MAY be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan.” It is either a legitimate multilevel marketing plan or a Pyramid scheme.

To break it down, according to the FTC, there is a product and the money you make is based on sales of the product to the public not how many recruits you acquire.

MLM or Network Marketing VS Pyramid Scheme

The difference between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme can be very hazy. Robert Fitzpatrick is considered a leading expert on Pyramid Schemes states in an interview by CNBC states :

The math is a distortion, a manipulation of what they call exponential expansion. Exponential expansion is two times two times two times two. And almost all of these schemes tell you that you can make money by just recruiting three or four, five, let’s say, five. Then you let the five do their five. That gives you 25. That’s the exponential expansion. That’s the trick of the whole thing. What they don’t show you is that you can only do that 13 cycles. And you would exceed the population of the earth. So it can’t work. But even as long as it works, the vast majority are always in the bottom positions, which have not yet and never will, in most cases, extend the chain so that they can get their money. And so it always dooms the vast majority and it can never keep going, so it’s unsustainable. “

There is the problem for these so called legitimate MLM’s of “saturation”. MLM’s absurd claim to “perpetual growth” has always been a lie according to Rob.

These companies where your income is based on recruitment rather than product sales are pyramid schemes plainAre all MLM Companies scams? - a close look exposes the truth and simple.

The FTC International Monthly also reports that Herbalife must restructure their compensation plan –

 “In addition to imposing a $200 million consumer redress judgment, the settlement mandates a new compensation structure in which success depends on whether participants sell Herbalife products, not on whether they buy products. It requires Herbalife to tie distributor rewards to verifiable retail product sales and stop misleading consumers about potential earnings. More information about the Herbalife settlement is available in the Commission’s public statement and in blogs for consumers and business.”

 As you can see you must be very careful if you are considering joining an MLM company as even well-known companies may be using not so legitimate marketing practices.

If you are thinking about joining an MLM or Network Marketing Company

I am very skeptical when it comes to MLM. However, I have researched and have come to the conclusion that some can and do make it work for them. I do believe that the majority of people who join an MLM do not make any money and more times than not they lose money.

I posed the question “What do you think of Multi-Level Marketing? Is it a scam?” to the community at Wealthy Affiliate (of which I am a member)  and you can read the comments and testimonials here. I was pleased to hear that there are in fact people who do make money in MLM. However, most do not make any money and in fact, lose money.

If you are thinking about joining an MLM I would urge you to do some research into the company before you sign on the dotted line. Make a pact with yourself not to get lured by the hype too quickly. The “Opportunity Meeting is designed to Are all MLM Companies scams - A close look exposes the truth

prey on your emotions.

Always sleep on any decision. While you sleep your mind will process the information and you will most times awake with a new perspective and most times a “gut feeling”. I don’t know about you but when I ignore my gut feeling, I almost always regret it.

Here are some guidelines to think about before “signing up”:

  1. Find out everything you can from your Sponsor about the compensation plan
  2. the compensation structure
  3. your potential expenses
  4. support for claims about how much money you can make
  5. the name and contact information of someone at the company who can answer your questions
  6. How good is the product? Does it overpriced? Are claims supported by independent reviewers?
  7. Does it fit in with your talents, goals, and abilities?

If your profit is made from how many recruits you sign up under you and not product sales to the public, avoid it as it could be a Pyramid Scheme and therefore a scam.

According to the FTC here are the questions you should ask to be safe:

  • What are your annual sales of the product?
  • How much product did you sell to distributors?
  • What percentage of your sales were made to distributors?
  • What were your expenses last year, including money you spent on training and buying products?
  • How much money did you make last year — that is, your income and bonuses, less your expenses?
  • How much time did you spend last year on the business?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How many people have you recruited?
  • What percentage of the money you’ve made — income and bonuses less your expenses — came from recruiting other distributors and selling them inventory or other items to get started?


MLM or Network Marketing Companies are everywhere. If you are considering joining one It is very important that you know the difference between a Legit MLM Company and a scam like a Pyramid Scheme.

As with just about anything, there is good and there is bad when it comes to the Network Marketing Companies and even the Legit companies that have been around for a while can use scam techniques by misleading potential recruits.

To be safe, be sure to critique any MLM Company thoroughly before considering joining. Check out the company and how good the product is and everything about the compensation plan.

As 99% of people who join MLM or Network Marketing Companies do not make money and most lose money, take your time and maybe join a company like Wealthy Affiliate University where you can learn everything regarding online marketing and how to build a business for the long term.

I hope  the answer to the question “Are all MLM Companies scams?” A close look exposes the truth has brought to light some interesting insights for you. I hope you make the right decision if you join one. Be careful and know if you are cut out to what it entails.  Most are not cut out for MLM. However, everyone has a passion or something they are interested in. Take your passion and build a business. Get started building your business and get some special bonuses. Just click the button below.

Are all MLM Companies Scams?



I like to hear from readers so please leave me a comment below and let me know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.




Are All MLM Companies Scams?

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Email Processing Job Scam – or is it Legit?

Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

If you do a search for different ways to make money online, you may come across all sorts of scams. The Email Processing Job Scam is one of them.

The first thing I  noticed is that there is no real product. The “Product” is teaching you how to place ads getting others to pay the $25 to you. It is more like the old “gifting” letters I used to get in the mail.Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

This is not a real business. Some will argue with this but the fact remains, all you will be doing is duping someone into giving you $25. It becomes a game of how many people can you get to give you $25. It may not be illegal but is this how you want to create a business? If you want to create a long term income online, it takes work and knowledge. There are no shortcuts.

Email Processing Job Scams are all over the internet.

If you do a search you will most likely come across several such as these three:

Email Processing Jobs scam



Price: $25 plus upsells

My Overall Rating: 2/10

I gave Email Processing Systems a 2/10 rating. It is not illegal however it is not a legitimate way to make a stable income online either. It is one of those marketing schemes that will teach you one thing if nothing else. It will teach you that this is not the way to make much money online. These types of schemes are all over the internet and it is the new people just trying to make some money online that always fall for them. This is what these systems bank on! They want Newbies!

There are certain things to look for when trying to decide if a money making opportunity online is legit or not and these systems have most of them.

Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?


  • It sounds too good to be true
  • You are shown screenshots of proof
  • There is a “secret” formula
  • They show you a fancy lifestyle
  • No specifics are given
  • They are very aggressive
  • They prey on beginners
  • No knowledge or skill is needed

When you get to the Email Processing System website you see GUARANTEED INCOME staring you in the face. First of all, there is never a way to make money online that is guaranteed. Then you scroll down and you see “Newbies” wanted. This is because you are easily duped! I should know, for years I believed the hype and fell for programs that never really went anywhere. This is one of those.

If you are familiar with Multi-Level Marketing, this system is a lot like that. What you will be doing is recruiting people to sign up for the very same program you signed up for. There are no levels or downlines. There is no product either. It is just you getting people to give you $25. You use the same tactics they use.

The system goes like this: They give you ads you can place in places like Craigslist and you copy and paste. Take a look at any city on Craigslist and you will find these ads. They also tell you to market in places like Facebook and Youtube.

I watched several Youtube videos promoting this program. Most who are promoting this are not in business anymore. You can go on Youtube and check this out. There are a lot of Youtube videos trying to entice people to join this email processing system. This is one of the ways to promote the program.

Here is another one that you may come across:



Price: $75.00

My overall rating: 1/10

Email Processing Jobs is another site that has a slightly different scheme going on. They want you to give t

Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

hem $75 up front. They also say the income is guaranteed and they have limited positions! They are much more blatantly dishonest. This site has a warning on Scamalert also. The site is out of US but the real country is hidden! This is a big Alert!

This site tells you that there are limited positions and a guaranteed income. They mislead you to believe you will have a guaranteed income of $250 per day. They show you pictures of checks for the proof. However they want you to have a Paypal account.

They want you to pay them $75 but you have to process 10 emails per day to make $250! That’s $25 per email that you will be charging.

There are different versions and in my research I came across another ripoff report. It looks like there are quite a few unscrupulous marketers out there doing all sorts of versions of email processing.


Website :

Price: $25

My overall rating – 1/10

This program has a complaint on Ripoff Report. They claim they did not even receive the detail of the program. They were told that they must have paid a hacker. They also said that they try to get you to email them a receipt from Paypal so they can get Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?your details.

Email Processing 4 Cash is just another version of the same type program. There is no real product. They sell you a system of a way to get others to pay you what you just paid.  It is a lot of hype and misleading promises. They tell you they do not give refunds. Any legit system will always be able to offer a refund.

The one good thing in case you are not familiar, Paypal has a money back policy. All you have to do is log into your account and do a dispute to get the refund process started.

The Pros and Cons of Email Processing Type Programs


Pros –

  • Easy to join
  • copy and paste system
Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit

Cons –

  • Not a good business model
  • Not very ethical
  • Basic gifting scheme
  • No real product
  • a lot of competition
  • must recruit and spam people
  • no long-term customers


All three of the email processing programs I have mentioned are in my opinion definitely scams and I cannot recommend any to you. You are not really processing emails at all. What you will be doing is placing ads (the same as others are posting) on places like Craigslist and Facebook that links back to your website. (That is actually one of the upsells).

These types of email processing Job Scams are rampant all over the internet.  They are basically all the same. Don’t be duped by any of these. To really be successful online takes long-term insight to know that the shady way is the losing way. If you want to learn the right way to create an online income for now and the future there are many legit programs out there.

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Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?



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Email Processing Job Scam - or is it legit?

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