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Build my website for free
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Interested in building your own website free? Don’t know where to start? There are many platforms out there where you can build a website for free. For example, there is Wix, Sitebuilder, Weebly, GoDaddy, and many more.

Create your own website free
Create Your Own Website Free

Whether you want to make money online, create an online business, blog about your passion, build a web store, show off your vacation trips, or just want a web presence for your local business, you can have a free website.

There are several popular website builders out there that will offer you the capability to build your chosen website for free. All you have to do is do a search for free website builder and you will find many different free website builders to choose from.

You will find, however, that there are certain shortcomings that all of these website builders have in common: they all place advertisements on your site.

There is one free website builder that does not place ads on your site and that is Site Rubix.

Site Rubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. They give you the ability to create 2 free websites WITHOUT advertisements. You are free to create whatever type site that you want.

First, decide what type of web presence you want. Here are some examples of types of websites:

Create your own website free
Go Ahead And create Your Own Free Website


  • Business
  • niche related
  • E-Commerce
  • Blog or personal website
  • Web Presence for a local business

Once you know what type of website you want to create, choose the free website builder you want to use. Then you can begin to build it! It is so easy. Create your website here.

It is not hard to create a website these days.  However, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

To have a great Website it must:

  • look great with a professional design
  • have speed and easy loading
  • have quality content
  • Easy to navigate
  • Have a content management system

To get the job done, it’s so easy these days. You don’t have to be a programmer or have a programmer build it for you. You can easily do it yourself. Anyone can create a great profitable website with ease with an easy platform. I recommend WordPress. You can get started today creating a free WordPress Website RIGHT NOW. Just enter your domain name in the box below:

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) out there. It has only been in existence for 11 years There are over 74 million websites that use WordPress. It is by far the easiest way to build a profitable website.

The barriers to building great websites are truly gone. Just a short while ago, if you wanted a website, you had to hire a programmer or learn HTML yourself. The learning curve was very sharp!. NO MORE. Nowadays  ANYONE can build a website and make money!Create your own website free

The benefits of WordPress are many and varied. Here are just a few:

  • WordPress is the No. 1 Content Management System in the World
  • Easy to set up and install (just a click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • no programming knowledge needed, no code, no HTML
  • Over 10,000 add-on features and website functionality with the easy one-click install!
  • over 1400 different website Templates to choose from.
  • Lots of support and help within the community.

These are only some of the many benefits you will be enjoying when you use WordPress to create your website. I love WordPress. In fact, I would not be able to make this website today! It is by far the best way to go. There are just so many ways to use WordPress from having your own blog, an online store, a community website, a site for your local business, the list just goes on!

Are you Ready to create your awesome website for FREE….NOW?

You can create a website in as little as 30 seconds. Take a look at this video:

Create a website in 30 seconds

Watch Video: Create Website in under 30 seconds

Step 1:     Start creating your website for $0 at

step 2:      Create a Totally Free Account.

Step 3:     You Get Access to 2 Websites & an Entire Training Platform.


If you take the three steps above you will have your fully functional WordPress Website up and running. There is plenty of support if you need any help. JUST ASK.  There is a search bar to find answers and also a chat where there is always experienced members ready to help with any questions you may have. It is all step by step and easy to follow. It is really that easy and you will be on your way to success.

Your Free Account At Wealthy Affiliate University

If you create your free website at Wealthy Affiliate University, you will be getting so much more than just a free website. You will get:

  • 2 free websites
  • Complete Training Course

    Building Your Won Website Free
    Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons
  • Free Hosting
  • Ability to write blogs
  • Affiliate Status
  • Access to the powerful WordPress Express
  • Access to the Social platform

    Create your own website free
    Affiliate Bootcamp Included as a Free Member
  • Ability to read all success posts by others in community
  • Access to Live Chat for 7 days
  • Ability to ask questions for 7 days
  • Discounted Premium Membership for 7 days
  • Access to Jaaxy Keyword tool for 30 searches
  • Live weekly Webinar and replays for 7 days

You can continue as a free member if you choose to. You will keep the 2 free websites you have created. You will also be able to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate or if you have made a niche site.

If you choose to remain a free member you will still have access to the following:

  • Free hosting
  • Access to Level I Training

    Create you own website free
    Online Entrepreneur Certification Level I Included
  • Access to Level I Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Access to read other members blogs and commentsBuilding Your Own Website free
  • Access to read other members discussion threads in classrooms related to Level I and Level I Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Continue to use the 30 free searches for Jaaxy Keyword tool
  • See all members posts and training offered by members
  • Continue to build the 2 websites via the Build My Website section
  • Promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions
  • Promote other affiliate programs (Amazon and others)

You can’t go wrong by joining Wealthy Affiliate. You have nothing to lose. Get started on your website today and turn your passion into a thriving business. You will have personal access to me plus more special bonuses. Click the green button below.

Building Your Own Website Free

I like to hear from readers so I know if I have helped you or if you have a question. Please leave me a comment below or get in touch with me via my profile inside Wealthy Affiliate.

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